About Me

Good Mood.

No Matter What's Your Age.

My games are inspired by everyday events and occurrences.


Whether it is the immortal phrase, "Mom, I'm bored", which gave birth to the "20 fun things to do when you're bored".

Or my grandparents' anniversary which gave rise to the "20 fun things to do with my grandparents",

Or a long wait at the airport that necessitated creativity and gave birth to the "funny faces".


Family gatherings, social events, long rides, vacations - any occasion can give me ideas for new games. The best of them then become games, so others can also enjoy them.


I have a Master's degree in education, curriculum development.

I have developed educational content, games, workbooks and activity kits for children and families, as well as for companies, organizations and other entities.

These projects can be seen on www.netasiloni.co.il

You are invited to browse my site and be impressed by the projects.