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snowman combo
Try to build a snowman according to instructions, Together or solo.
A fun game to play for young and old!
Get the Frog!
sporty game!
Bon Voyage
Looking for what is drawn on the card while you travel.
Good mood travel game!
Funky Mix
Change characters at a dizzying pace!

Each player, in turn, picks up a task card, performs the task listed and takes 3 characters cards.
Each player tries to complete as much assembled characters as he can.
What's that noise?
Funny and noisy cards game for the entire family. The player should try to “show” which card he needs to complete set of 4 using only noises and voices, without any words or hand gestures.
Poppy Lolly Tix
Awesome memory game!
cross your fingers!
Funny game based on precise hand movements.Complete as many quarters as you can without using any words! Instead, try to imitate the finger movement on the card.
Develops fine motor skills and encourages non-verbal communication.
legs crossed
Try to imitate the exact position of the legs on the card and complete a set of four – without using words!
Funny Faces 1
Quartets Card game - Fun for the entire family
How do we play? Without using any words! Instead, the player tries to mimic the funny face on the card as closely as possible.
Funny Faces 2
Quartets Card game - Two boxes: Every pack includes 9 quartets of various funny faces.
20 things that are fun to do
Every pack includes 20 cards with simple ideas for recreational activities and can be done together or separately, with friends or with family members of any age (almost). Enjoy and spend time having fun, without any barriers.
Family Holiday
A cards kit, suitable for a short or long vacation, home or away. Includes 36 activity cards like: write ourselves a letter and send it from a local post office; Photograph ourselves daily in the same pose but against different backgrounds; declare a different person "king of the day" every day and more. All activities are suitable for adults and children alike.
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